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Lucrative Distribution or Reseller Opportunity

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opportunity Details
opportunity Title Lucrative Distribution or Reseller Opportunity
Buying Organisation NUMEN (Pty) Ltd.
Website https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WXy9d9S7moL2HXmPHeNHee_oBZ3o_y2H/view?usp=sharing
opportunity Type Open Opportunity
Nature of opportunity Materials
Estimated contract value G: 151k to 250k
Description About the Opportunity:
We are NUMEN (Pty) Ltd, and we are based in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Our Company is all about celebrating water, and offers "sustainable hydration solutions" to the world through a growing line of design-driven hydration products. Our record of success has been built on dedication . . . dedication first to preserving our reputation for integrity in all our dealings … and dedication to supplying the finest quality products that modern science, money, skill, care, experience and pride can produce.

NUMEN is interested in doing business with companies in Africa and The Middle East, and invite you to become a distributor of our products in that region. We have attached some product information for your perusal to that end. You can also learn more about our unique offering by downloading a copy of our product catalog HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mOoJtG4GfOX59Zah0-keda1278B1XfC6/view?usp=sharing.

Apart from their very elegant looks, our products will yield you great returns on investment simply because they address several market needs; including, huge cost savings, clean, great-tasting water, and not to mention the associated health benefits. That on its own assures you of a very high rate of customer engagement, and ultimately a high rate of stock turn. All those are great qualities which we believe you, and every other sensible business person hold in very high esteem.

We are proud of the reputation our company has earned for supplying the highest quality products. But we are equally proud of the fact that NUMEN accessories have proven to be the avenue to outstanding earnings for a wide range of people and companies. In the past, NUMEN has supplied some atypical and captivating products, gifts and promotional items to Amway, BMW and some of the most impressive companies in the world.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and assure you of our very best attention at all times.

Many thanks in advance.

Ashley Kutukwa, CEO
NUMEN (Pty) Ltd.
T: +2711 050-7889
M: +2773 337-8839

About the buyer's selection process:
We are committed to the success of our brands and our distributors. Our goal is to offer distributorship to the most qualified people in each market and establish long-term mutually beneficial business relationship with our distributors. NUMEN distributors will enjoy exclusive representation of NUMEN products in the authorized territory and the most competitive wholesale prices from NUMEN.

NUMEN takes pride in setting high standard for its authorized representatives. We seek individuals and/or businesses that are able to meet all the following three qualifications and will be dedicated in promoting and distributing NUMEN products.
1. The prospective distributor must have experience in selling the products of interest, must have a local office in the pursuing territory.
2. The prospective distributor must have a technical support and service team who are trained to provide professional maintenance and service for units sold.
3. The prospective distributor must meet the mutually agreed annual sales quota. NUMEN reserves the rights to adjust the sales quota annually based on market demands. NUMEN will work with its prospective distributors for a trial period of 6-12 months to develop specific regional markets. This arrangement gives both parties the flexibility to learn about each other’s capabilities, establish trust and evaluate the sales potential for NUMEN products in the local market. Upon meeting all the above three qualifications within the trial period, the potential distributor will be appointed NUMEN distributor with a binding contract. The newly appointed distributor will be evaluated annually against the qualification requirements stated in the contract.

The distributorship will be renewed if qualifications are maintained. If the distributor fails to fulfill the requirements as stated in the contract, the distributorship will be reassessed for possible termination. If you are interested in working with us and becoming an NUMEN distributor, please DOWNLOAD the Distributor Application Form HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KjiOPIr6wcswb1NO0oi1t7aTrx__QkgU/view?usp=sharing. Next, fill out the Distributor Application Form to the best of your knowledge and email it to us at: ashnumen@gmail.com. We will evaluate your qualification and contact you shortly.

About the buyer:
NUMEN is a brand development and marketing company which manages a global portfolio of lifestyle brands. Our mission is to pioneer unique products. NUMEN delivers affordable luxury to the masses. From our manufacturing partners, to our technical and sales staffs, quality is a major commitment. Only by placing this premium on quality can we state with assurance that NUMEN Products are absolutely the finest made . . . anywhere. The NUMEN line is comprised premium brands recognized around the world for their superior quality and excellent performance.

Our experience has been that high quality, high performance products create loyal, repeat customers. The bottom line is that NUMEN Products enjoy wide customer acceptance because these respond to needs in the marketplace. They are durable, made of the highest quality raw materials and put together by experts at their craft. In the end, they are products customers would like to use every day.

There’s a story woven into every design and every piece we make. It’s the story of how our products are made: the fingers that pick the raw materials, the hands that put them together, and the communities where our goods are made. A story about how the materials are selected, how our factories are powered and their impact on people and the environment. A story about the kind of business we are and the one we want to be. After all said and done, we recognize our responsibility and opportunity to deliver affordable luxury – for good.

With a history going back 10 years, NUMEN has excelled at growing brands and businesses with rich heritages, becoming a global apparel company of first order.

NUMEN has evolved from its 2009 roots to become a diverse global apparel company by successfully growing its brands globally across the wholesale, retail, digital commerce and licensing channels.

Today, NUMEN operates a diversified portfolio of iconic lifestyle apparel brands led by KOR® Water and are expected to continue to drive future revenue and profitability growth. NUMEN's operations have also evolved from a regional perspective; whereas our business was primarily based in South Africa at inception, we now do business in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific region. Our record of success has been built on dedication, dedication first to preserving our reputation for integrity in all our dealings. We are passionate about creating high quality, trend-right products that are complemented by compelling online and offline consumer experiences, and we are focused on connecting with the next generation of youth-minded consumers. We continue to set our sights on making positive impacts in our communities while leading change across our business.

We see a sustainable path of long-term growth as we continue to execute on our core business strategies. Our dedication to inspire and engage our consumers is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that we can maximize the potential of the KOR® Water and other businesses as we continue to invest in our global platforms, leverage our consumer insights, focus on our talent, pursue strategic global growth opportunities, expand our digital capabilities and enhance our global supply chain to evolve with our growing business needs. Combined with our ongoing emphasis on maintaining a strong credit profile and a healthy balance sheet, we believe that we will continue to be able to deliver on our business strategy and create value for our stockholders.

Delivery point Emirates Emirates The World Islands
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  2. Laboratory water purification equipment and supplies
  3. Ultra violet water purification units
  4. Water filters
  5. Therapeutic hot or cold water bottles
  6. Water purification reagents
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Estimated contract award date 01/06/2019
Additional information for bidders Include any special notes for bidders We’re proud of the reputation our Company has earned for supplying the highest quality products. But we are equally proud of the fact that NUMEN Products have proven to be the avenue to outstanding earnings for a wide range of people and companies. We believe we offer one of the last opportunities that is flexible enough to be tailored to your goals and capabilities. Whether you are an individual looking for the path to a secure, independent future … an entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity with minimal start-up costs… or an existing company looking for a new profit center, NUMEN’s unique mix of quality products, a large stable market and proven sales strategies can provide the opportunities you seek. Contact us TODAY, and together we will take the world from where it is, to where it's not been by pioneering unique products.