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opportunity Details
opportunity Title Food & Beverages copy
Awarding Organisation Love Life NRG
Website www.ChaiTwentea.com
opportunity Type Partnership Opportunity
Nature of opportunity Services
Estimated contract value F: 101k to 150k
Description About the Opportunity:
Our Company Love Life NRG deals in food and beverages such as tea, coffee, nuts and many more.
we are looking for strategic partners to work together for mutual benefits and success in the food &beverages industries.
one of our unique products is manufactured under the name ChaiTwentea with the slogan, " A TEA-Licious experience", which includes 20 types of tealicious beverages to be sold during the Dubai EXPO 2020.
We also offer 20 kinds of nuts and other products.
Please visit our site: www.ChaiTwentea.com

or reach us at 009715566100 or lovelifenrg@gmail.com

About the buyer's selection process:
Strategic Partnership terms.
Experienced distributors in food & Beverages section.

About the buyer:
We look for an experienced manufacturers of different food and beverage products to bear our ChaiTwentea name and logo.

Delivery point Dubai Dubai Dubai
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Business Categories
  1. Packaging of agricultural by products services
  2. Souvenirs
  3. Nuts
  4. Protective shirts
  5. Packaging case
  6. Womens shirts or blouses
  7. Girls shirts or blouses
  8. Packaging boxes and bags and pouches
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Expo 2020 OMP response deadline 20/08/2019 07:55
Estimated contract award date 20/09/2019