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Tender: Turnkey acquisiti...

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opportunity Details
opportunity Title Tender: Turnkey acquisiti...
Awarding Organisation Argentina Pavilion Expo 2020
Website http://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=58720
opportunity Type Open Opportunity
Nature of opportunity Services
Estimated contract value M: 15.1m - 25m
Important information This is a Notice Only opportunity. Do not respond to it on Expo 2020 OMP - instead follow the buyers instructions below.
Description About the Opportunity:



“Project UNDP ARG 19006. Support for the participation of Argentina in the Universal Expo Dubai 2020”

Request for Proposal No. 01/2019

“Turnkey Acquisition of the Argentine Pavilion at“ 2020 Dubai Expo: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future ”United Arab Emirates”

Within the framework of the UNDP Project ARG 19/006 of the Government of the Republic of Argentina and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), call this Request for Proposal No. 01/2019 for the “Hiring (Acquisition) Turnkey of the Argentine Pavilion at “2020 Dubai Expo: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” United Arab Emirates ”.

About the buyer's selection process:
Those interested may collect more information by telephone, according to the established deadlines, to the telephone numbers: +54 (11) 5071-9288 / 9505 from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. at 7:00 p.m. (Local Time, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and in Leandro N Alem 339, 8th Floor Office 801, City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic. Postal code: 1041. The email box will also be available for inquiries: purchases@mediosycontenidos.gob.ar


The Bidding Terms and Conditions will be available to interested parties from 08/26/2019 on the following websites: http://www.ar.undp.org/content/argentina/es/home/operations/procurement /

Online Marketplace portal EXPO DUBAI 2020: https://omp.expo2020dubai.com/

Official Bulletin of the Argentine Republic: https://www.boletinoficial.gob.ar/

Presentation of offers: Offers will be received until 10.00 a.m. (Local Time, Buenos Aires, Argentina) of September 24, 2019, in Leandro N Alem 339, 8th Floor Office 801, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Postal code: 1041. Alternatively to the presentation of the offer on paper support, it may be submitted electronically to the email box: purchases@mediosycontenidos.gob.ar

In the Self Build Pavillions Delivery Guide and other documents, which are attached in the Digital Appendix 1 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9stNEPkVgq_eEFFblhNdlRDZms?usp=sharing the bidders can find the general guidelines on the Pavilion construction processes, their closure after the event and their removal.

Opening of offers: It will be held in a public event on September 24, 2019, at 10.30 a.m. (Local Time, Buenos Aires, Argentina), in Leandro N Alem 339, 8th Floor Office 801, City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic. Postal code: 1041 and with the presence of bidders who wish to do so.

Project Headquarters: Leandro N Alem 339, 8th Floor Office 801, City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic. Postal code: 1041.

The award will be resolved by Resolution of the Director (Executive Director / National Director) of the UNDP Project ARG 19/006.

About the buyer:
The Argentine Republic through the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) will contract a turnkey project for the Argentine Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Delivery point Expo 2020 Dubai Dubai
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Expo 2020 OMP response deadline 16/10/2019 10:00
Estimated contract award date 25/10/2019
Additional information for bidders Include any special notes for bidders All information is available momentarily at the above mentioned websites and will be made available in engish on Sept 6.
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