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Photography - Portfolio Development

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opportunity Details
opportunity Title Photography - Portfolio Development
Awarding Organisation Freelancer Photographer
Website https://ahmadalnaji.com/
opportunity Type Partnership Opportunity
Nature of opportunity Services
Estimated contract value Not disclosed
Description About the Opportunity:
I am a freelancer Architecture photographer. I focus currently on creating a fine art Cityscape and commercial Architecture photographer. Which means develop a narrative and a complete story behind the photo or portfolio. This opportunity is a gateway to potential clients. And especially for EXPO2020 teams, in order to discuss and reach creative solutions for their businesses, that can add a lot more than a normal photo shoot.

About the buyer's selection process:
I am open to discuss any project related to my field (Cityscape & Architecture) with any clients around the world. Currently, I am looking to work with EXPO2020 and their participants to provide them with projects that can match this historic event's level.

About the buyer:
I am a 21 years old photographer who was born and raised in the UAE. As my age tells, I am still young in my professional career. But I have put strong commitments and objectives to my work and what I produce. In every aspect of my life, I aim only to the best of what I can produce. Particularly in photography, the thing that I love to do for all of my life. I always try to create something that will make a statement and stand out. I have this concept of how art meets Cityscape and architectural commercial photography. I like to call myself an artist, instead of a photographer. An artist who creates his art through photos. I have worked with many organizations and galleries in UAE, and currently working with Fine Art gallery in Dubai and supplied them with different artworks and did a 1 month-long exhibition.

Delivery point Dubai Dubai Dubai
Details of specialist staff required (if any) N/A
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Business Categories
  1. Cultural events organizations
  2. Art exhibitions
  3. Hotels and motels and inns
  4. Landscape architecture and design service
  5. Art gallery
  6. Real estate services
  7. Exhibitions
Expo 2020 OMP response deadline 30/04/2021 00:00
Estimated contract award date 01/05/2021