About the OMP

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

Expo 2020 Dubai is an international exposition, the next World Expo, which will showcase and explore what is possible when new ideas and people connect. It is a global destination for people to share ideas, showcase innovation and achievements of nations, encourage collaboration, and celebrate human ingenuity. Expo 2020 is to be hosted in Dubai and, after opening on 20 October 2020, will run for six months.

The main theme of Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the future” and is underpinned by three interwoven themes Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

What is the OMP?

The Online Marketplace (OMP) is a free of charge, interactive B2B, G2B and B2C platform. This is a site created for businesses like yours to network, advertise products and services, and compete for opportunities across borders. Simply put, the OMP is matching buyers and suppliers. We are here to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), home businesses, and individuals to grow and integrate into global supply chains.

This site was inspired by the Expo 2020 Dubai theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, and our commitment to allocating 20 per cent of our spend to local and international SMEs, representing billions of dirhams (AED) in opportunities.

This powerful platform provides access to global opportunities aimed at finding the very best products and services, from the old to the new and innovative ideas as well, developed for and by SMEs worldwide.

The OMP will help drive the internationalisation of SMEs, on a not-for-profit basis.

Can anyone register on the OMP?

Registration on the site is open to all, you will be able to register free of charge at https://omp.expo2020dubai.com.

Once registered, you will be able to complete and publish your business profile, advertising your organisation on the OMP. You will also be able to search and bid for opportunities in an effort to win business for your organisation.

How much will it cost for me to register on the OMP?

There is no cost to register or to utilise any of the modules within OMP.

Can I register if my business is based out of the UAE?

Certainly, you will be able to register on the OMP if your organisation is based out of the UAE. One of the main aims of the OMP is to connect businesses across the world.

Is the OMP a tendering system?

The OMP is much more than just a tendering system – it allows buyers to search for and discover vendors and suppliers from across the world for shortlisting before entering into their own tendering process outside of the platform. It will also help you with managing opportunities directly related to Expo 2020 Dubai. If you are a vendor or supplier, the OMP enables you to respond to a contract opportunity by answering a simple questionnaire created by the buyer and providing a supplier statement. Answers to the questionnaire are scored automatically by OMP using requirements defined by the buyer. After the deadline has passed for the opportunity, the buyer carries out a shortlisting process on the OMP using the automatically calculated questionnaire scores and your supplier statement.

Is my data secure on the OMP?

We are committed to respecting the privacy of our users, and will never use this information for commercial purposes. The OMP will always maintain the highest standards of IT security to safeguard its users’ information.

Registrations & business profile

What is a business profile?

If you want to grow your business and network, then join us now by creating a business profile. This is how you can connect with potential opportunities and shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Don’t forget to publish your profile as it is the only way to match yourself to business opportunities.

Will my profile be visible to the public?

Yes, once you publish it, a limited profile is available to the public and you will also be able to see others who have registered. This is the start of the journey to be a part of the Expo 2020 Dubai supply chain. Additional information on your business profile is only provided to buyers when you respond to an opportunity. Please keep your contact information updated at all times so that buyers can always contact you.

What is a business category?

The OMP uses predefined business categories to match your business with opportunities. You must choose at least one and up to 20 business categories before you can move forward to describe your business. Your business profile will be automatically matched to posted opportunities based on the business categories you have chosen.

Buyers may restrict their opportunities to certain geographical regions, so your business will be matched if you operate within that particular area. You can always search for and respond to opportunities that you are not automatically matched to.

Which business classification system is used on the OMP?

We have used the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®). It is a single global classification system for all products and services.  It offers company-wide visibility of spend analysis, enabling procurement to deliver on cost-effectiveness and enables full use of e-commerce capabilities.

Reference: https://www.unspsc.org/faqs#What is the UNSPSC

Can I make changes to my profile?

Yes, first hide your profile if it is live. You can then update your details and publish it again. You cannot change your organisation once it is registered. You can always save your profile at any point and come back to it too.

Finding Opportunities

I have been matched to an opportunity. What does this mean?

A buyer using the OMP has compiled a pre-tender potential vendors/suppliers list. Opportunities are goods, services or works that the buyer wants to procure, and you or your company have been matched to that opportunity.

The buyer can choose one of three publications methods that suppliers are matched to. These are explained below.

What is a contract opportunity?

This is the category most likely used by a buyer, as it uses the full features of the OMP to create pre–tender shortlists of potential vendors or suppliers on the site. When creating the opportunity, the buyer develops an online questionnaire to be completed by any supplier who is interested.

When this is published, contract opportunities are matched to all suppliers who meet the buyer’s matching criteria (e.g. business categories). Interested suppliers then respond to a contract opportunity by completing the questionnaire on OMP. When the response deadline has passed, the buyer reviews the responses and creates a shortlist on OMP. As a supplier your qualification for the shortlist depends on your answers to the questions and the weighting that the buyer applies to the answers.

The rest of the procurement process happens outside of the OMP.

What is a request for a quote (RFQ)?

The RFQ method is usually used for lower value opportunities where the supplier is matched to an invited list of OMP suppliers. The list is made up of suppliers selected by the buyer searching on OMP, plus some additional suppliers selected automatically by the OMP system. We automatically select based on the buyer’s opportunity-matching criteria (e.g. business categories), making suggestions that the buyer may not have considered.

The invited suppliers respond via the method chosen by the buyer and detailed in the opportunity description (e.g. submitting a quotation directly to the buyer). The evaluation and selection process happens outside the OMP, but once a contract is awarded, the buyer posts the award details on the OMP.

What is a ‘notice only’ opportunity?

The ‘notice only’ method of publication is often used for large procurement opportunities. When published on the OMP, ‘notice only’ opportunities are matched to all suppliers who meet the buyer’s opportunity-matching criteria such as the business categories. Interested suppliers respond not via the OMP but via the buyer’s own procurement web site or according to the buyer’s instructions on the opportunity description. The shortlisting and tendering process happens outside the OMP, but once a contract is awarded, the buyer posts the award on the OMP.

Responding to Opportunities

How do I respond to an opportunity?

Your pre-populated data will allow you to find opportunities that are relevant to your business. You may also use the search facility which is located within the supplier tools module to find opportunities that are relevant to your area of expertise.

Once you have found a live opportunity that you are interested on you can respond using the ‘Respond’ button or by following the instructions outlined by the buying authority.

The opportunity has closed and I have not had a response. What should I do?

If you have the contact details of the buyer, please get in touch with them directly. If you have no contact details, please contact the OMP Support Team and they will assist you.

What happens after I respond to an opportunity?

As soon as you submit a response to an opportunity, you will receive an automated confirmation email.

When viewing an opportunity what does the different status information indicate?


An opportunity remains open until the response deadline has passed.


The response deadline has passed, and the buyer is carrying out the shortlisting process. You can no longer respond to this opportunity.

If you submitted a response and are shortlisted, you will receive an email with “next steps” instructions from the buyer.

If you do not reach the shortlist, you will receive an email from the buyer.

ITT (Invitation to Tender)

The shortlisting process has been completed, and the buyer is currently following the selection process with the shortlisted suppliers. This may include an invitation to tender, invitation to quote, or alternative processes outside of the OMP.

If you have been shortlisted, you will have received an email from the OMP explaining the next steps, and you should be engaged in the buyer’s selection process, which takes place outside of the OMP.

Advert expired

This applies to ‘notice only’ opportunities. The status ‘advert expired’ indicates that the response deadline for the opportunity has passed.

Once I have been shortlisted, when will I be contacted?

You will receive an email notification to let you know that you have been shortlisted. The email will contain instructions from the buyer regarding the next steps in their selection process.

Where do I submit my tender documents?

The OMP is used by buyers as a shortlisting tool. It has been designed to be easy and quick for suppliers to submit responses to get on to a shortlist. When you respond on the OMP to a contract opportunity you only have to complete an online questionnaire – you do not need to submit documents at this stage. The buyer will only require documents if you are shortlisted.

For ‘notice only’ opportunities and RFQs, you respond initially via the buyer’s web site or use their process. In these cases, you may be asked to submit documents.

Posting Opportunities

Can anyone use the OMP as part of the buying process?

Yes, the OMP can be used by many buying organisations within the public and private sectors. This includes our strategic partners, contractors and licensees at Expo 2020 Dubai who form part of a powerful supply chain of buying organisations.

As a buyer how do I publish opportunities?

You can create a new opportunity on the OMP in one of two ways:

  1. Create an opportunity for the first time, using the ‘add opportunity’ function. There is an easy step-by-step process that you follow.
  2. If you have multiple opportunities, you can simply edit an existing published opportunity. When you copy an opportunity all the details including the questionnaire and scoring plan are copied over. Once edited, you then save and publish that particular opportunity.

Your opportunity is reviewed by the OMP before being approved for publication to ensure that only appropriate material/opportunities are published. This will normally take place within one working day, and you will receive an email confirming that it has been published or explaining why it has not been approved.

Once the opportunity is published, the OMP system will send opportunity alert emails to all suppliers with matching business categories who have opted in to receive email alerts.

When an opportunity has been approved, the status will show as “open”, which means that other users of the OMP can view and respond to it.

What is a supply chain ID and why is it important?

The supply chain identifier (ID) is designed to help buyers track their supply chains on the OMP as business opportunities grow and cascade. The supply chain ID allows the OMP to link together opportunities belonging to the same supply chain and produce reports of interest to buyers.

If you have been awarded business through the OMP, your buyer/customer may give you a supply chain ID and ask you to use this on any related sub–contract opportunities that you publish on the OMP. This can be done on the opportunity details page.

How do I edit an opportunity I have already published?

If an opportunity has been published, it cannot be edited directly – you will need to publish an addendum. However, you can amend some of the information on the opportunity details such as: the description, the procurement dates, and uploaded documents. Once an addendum is approved, it is notified by email to all suppliers who are matched to the opportunity, are tracking it or have responded to it. Anyone viewing the opportunity sees the amended information.

Your other option is to withdraw the opportunity, copy the original and edit the copy. However, this is not normally recommended – one reason being that if any supplier responses have been submitted for the withdrawn opportunity, these will effectively be lost.

How do I monitor opportunity responses?

You can track the response activity for your opportunity before the response deadline. You will be able to view a list showing how many suppliers have submitted a completed response, how many have started but not completed responses and how many times the opportunity has been viewed. You cannot view the details of suppliers’ responses.

How do I create my shortlist on OMP?

This section does not apply to ‘notice only’ opportunities and RFQs, because the responses and shortlisting happens outside the OMP.

The questionnaire for a contract opportunity creates a scoring plan, with a number of points against each answer. The OMP takes the scoring plan and automatically scores the answers. The supplier statement (if it was requested) is not scored automatically.

You create the shortlist on the OMP based on suppliers’ responses after the deadline passes and the opportunity has closed. You can then select the opportunity and view the long list based upon answers to your questionnaire. The list is anonymous at this stage, and is shown as supplier 1, 2 etc., in a ranked list based upon the score. Apart from the total score for each supplier, you can also see whether they responded to the essential criteria.

You can modify the scoring plan too at this stage, especially if a number of suppliers have a similar score. By giving more weight to a particular question that is especially important, you can spread the scores and differentiate impartially and with transparency.

You can also read the supplier statements and then shortlist.

Can I re-use a previous opportunity I posted?

Yes, you can take a copy of a previously posted opportunity and re-use it. All the details, questions and scoring that were included within the original will be copied across with the same name as the original with the word ‘copy’ at the end.

Please ensure you edit the name of your opportunity and remove the word ‘copy’ from the title.

You can continue to make further copies of your opportunity whenever you need it, this list is visible only to you.

Can I share an opportunity with a colleague?

Yes, you can. Anyone who wishes to share an opportunity on the OMP must be a registered user.

TIP: Before sharing, you may wish to add or delete specific questions. This will place it on the Organisation Opportunities section of the OMP as an opportunity template. The opportunity template owner can delete it at any time, or once it becomes out-of-date.

What happens when I award a contract outside of the OMP?

One of the few conditions of using the OMP is that at the end of the procurement process you will update the OMP with the outcome and provide feedback to suppliers.

Please fill in the feedback field for each unsuccessful shortlisted organisation. This information is only seen by that organisation and is not made public.

Organisation Admin

How do I invite a new user to the site?

Once you have registered on the OMP and have a published profile, you can invite new users to join your organisation. If you are the first person to register for your organisation, you automatically become the administrator which gives you administrative controls over other users in your organisation.

You do not need to be an organisation administrator to invite colleagues in your organisation to join the OMP as users.

How many users can I invite?

You can invite an unlimited number of users, but you are limited to inviting up to six users at a time. You can also add or delete users.

Will I be able to see what the other users in my organisation are doing on the OMP?

All activities that you carry out on the OMP are visible only to you, so more than one person in your organisation could potentially respond to the same opportunity. You may wish to share a user account to avoid this.